August Books

I’ll be reviewing these books at the end of the month.

I regret to admit I’m not actually an immense Cassandra Clare fan, nor have I read all of the Mortal Instruments books of hers either, but I’m told Clockwork Angel is still readable without having dived into all of that series. (I’m a fan of Netflix’sΒ Shadowhunters, does that count? No? Okay.)

It was Goodreads who recommended, I can only assume based on my usual choice of books and ratings, the book that isΒ Shiver. I’m walking blindly into this one. Should be interesting.

As forΒ Conspiracy, I can only say I have waited for this book forΒ a very long time indeed.Β In fact, I can’t wait to rip into it. I pre-ordered this one the day it was doable. Did I mention Parris is one of my favourite authors? And her Giodorno Bruno one of my favourite characters? Give me that book back already.



Clockwork Angel
Cassandra Clare




S. J. Parris



Maggie Stiefvater


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