August Photography

August try-outs with my Canon EOS 1200D




The Canon 1200 has a decent focus. While it takes some real getting used to due to the camera’s tricky swapping of implements on the dial, once you get to grips with the handling of the lens and get into the swing of it, you can net some real treasures. Examples of well executed focus would be the elephant ornament and the Xbox 360 controller above, if I do say so myself.

Crystalline quality and good handling 

This camera has a sharp, crisp quality to it that is very much expected of a Canon DSLR. There’s good reason why Canon has an enviable reputation after all. I was concerned by how strikingly similar the 1200D’s appearance was to its predecessor the 1100D and the resemblance to the 700D,  but thankfully the 1200D seems to outdo both (least in my opinion), and I find the 720p more than adequate for my shots. For an amateur like myself I find this camera great for beginners – a companion app comes in handy, and the dial once learned is actually rather simple, while the viewfinder is more responsive than previous models which is a great touch.

Messing around with the 1200D, I found there’s some neat features to play with that get pretty addictive. Things like soft focus and toy camera are especially fun. The textured grip is a nice added feature too – beats the smooth grip on older models. Aspects like these will come in handy for days out where there is constant handling and try outs of different formats and angles. Portrait shots like the ones above are easier to take with the textured grip.

Anyway, I look forward to some more serious try outs where I can talk more in depth about the Canon 1200D in future!


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