September Update

My apologies for such a late update! How long has it been, a month? Longer? Oops. Suffice to say I have had the busiest month! Work, my birthday (turning 20 is something I still remain in denial of – see this blog post here for that), more work, reading, procrastination, more reading, baking with new recipes, the loss of wifi for 12 days (a traumatic experience I can assure you) and, lastly, working on my novel-in-progress with a side dish of severe writer’s block (see this blog post for that).

Anywho, since I’ve practically missed out on a month’s post, that means I have more to share than I usually would. There are too many reviews for one post, so I’ve separated them into individual posts and will post them separately from now on. I’m a book binger, so I read at the least three books a month, generally one per week, so there’ll be plenty of reviews from now on.

I’ve also been spending a lot of time over on my Pinterest. I recently booked a tattoo which I may or may not include pictures of on here as a more personal post in future. Pinterest has been helping me create a design and idea of what I want. I’m a fan of neotraditional tattoos, so it will be in that style. But I digress.

I have also decided to start a monthly ‘stuffs’ post showcasing my latest clothing purchases, make up purchases, latest musical listening and book purchases. It will be a picture-packed post to look out for. Tomorrow I’ll be doing one such post.


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